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InCopy  by Adobe

InCopy lets copywriters and editors style text, track changes and make simple layout modifications to a document while designers work on the same document simultaneously in InDesign — all without overwriting each other’s contributions.

Key Features:

  • Usability and productivity:

    • Enhanced layers: The Layers panel in InCopy gives you more control over your documents. You can hide or lock individual page items in a layer. See Use layers.
    • Save performance improvements: Close documents and save changes to multiple stories faster than before due to multithreading implementation. Use the Background Tasks panel (Window > Utilities > Background Tasks) to view the progress of ongoing processes.
    • Tool Hints panel: The Tool Hints panel lists all the hidden modifier key behaviors available for the currently selected tool. See View tool hints.
    • Community Help: Adobe Community Help offers access to complete Adobe product documentation as well as to community-created learning content and other learning content on Adobe.com. Adobe Community Help includes an AIR-based viewer that displays the latest online Help or defaults to a local version of Help when a web connection is unavailable.
  • Text changes:

    • New Eyedropper tool: Use the Eyedropper tool to copy text formatting from one text selection and apply that formatting to different text. Customise which attributes to apply in the Eyedropper Tool Options dialog box.
    • Paragraphs that span columns: In InCopy CS5, you can make a paragraph span multiple columns. You can also split a paragraph into multiple columns within the same text frame. See Create paragraphs that span or split columns.
    • Caption variables: In InDesign CS5, you can generate captions based on image metadata using a number of methods. Live captions use a new text variable called Metadata Caption. You can create or edit caption text variables for use in InDesign.
  • Collaboration:

    • Track change feature enhancements: The Track Changes feature is now available in both InCopy CS5 and InDesign CS5. In InCopy, the Track Changes toolbar includes icons that are more intuitive.
    • Mini Bridge: Mini Bridge is a subset of Adobe Bridge that is available as a panel within InCopy. See previews of files on your local hard drive or server without launching Adobe Bridge and leaving InCopy.
    • Improved Adobe Bridge integration: A new File Handling preference option lets you generate page thumbnails for more than the first page of InCopy files.
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