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InstallAware  by InstallAware

InstallAware is a flexible platform for traditional and agile development teams creating Windows and Azure software installers, as well as APPX Universal Windows Platform, Microsoft App-V Virtualisation and agentless InstallAware Virtualisation packages. With zero-day support for the entire Windows 10 Redstone eco-system, InstallAware X6, among other things, gives developers confidence that their installations are compatible with the latest technologies including Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2, Microsoft Visual Studio 15 and SQL Server 2016.

InstallAware X6 is a full implementation of Microsoft’s Project Centennial. Developers preserve all of their investment in their existing InstallAware setup projects and scripts by instantly building them as APPX packages targeting Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform. Win32, Win64 and .NET apps are bridged effortlessly into the future and all from a single source, using InstallAware X6.

Key Features:

  • Windows 10 Redstone Ecosystem Support: With InstallAware, you are guaranteed to be at the bleeding edge of technology - always. We've built a track record of consistently being the first (and often the only) to support the latest technologies shipping from Microsoft. Now also with APPX Universal Windows Platform (Project Centennial) support!
  • MSI Customisation without Complexity: InstallAware setups don't have to install any dependencies or scripting runtimes. Still, you can completely customise your setup even if you're unfamiliar with Windows Installer.
  • Free Unlimited Triple-Mode Web Updates: Deploy an unlimited number of royalty-free application updates to your end-users. Plus, its possible to customise the update user experience - freely edit update dialogs and tweak the update logic.
  • Post to Social Networks: Query for social network credentials at any time your setup is running on end-user systems. Tweet on Twitter and Share on Facebook, obtaining the success state of the postings before continuing with your installation. Just create an app on Twitter and Facebook, paste your credentials in the new InstallAware plug-ins and you're good to go social.
  • Aero Glass with Fading/Sliding Wizard Transition Special Effects: InstallAware is the first and only installer to ship with an Aero Wizard compliant user interface.
  • Fast Setup Capture: Use direct, driverless capture technology proprietary to InstallAware and eliminate the need for clean machine captures.
  • Bundle Other Installations: InstallAware contains features that let you run third-party installers as an integral part of your main setup, capturing progress feedback and letting you customise the third-party installations on-the-fly.
  • 64-bit Compression Engine: Create small packages using advanced LZMA/BCJ2 compression. This compression is so powerful, it reduces the .NET Framework to less than half its already compressed size.
  • Single Click Install for .NET 4.6.2, SQL Server 2016, VC++ 14 Runtimes: Install a wide variety of runtimes and third party dependencies, including the .NET Framework 4.6.2, Internet Explorer 11, the Java Virtual Machine, SQL Server Express 2016 and the Crystal Reports Runtimes, in all their 32/64 bit versions.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com