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iSheriff Email Security  by iSheriff

iSheriff Email Security is a cloud-based anti-spam and email threat protection service. It rids your organisation’s email of spam, providing a clean email connection and secures against viruses, blended threats, unwanted content and confidential data leakage.


  • Instant Deployment: Connect to the service and you’re immediately up and running.
  • No Upfront Expenditure: No need to purchase capital and no obsolete hardware.
  • Enterprise-Class Security: You gain the benefit of top email and Web security infrastructure thanks to economies of scale.
  • The Experts Work For You: Your email traffic is managed 24/7 by Internet security experts and modelled against other networks to detect traffic anomalies.
  • Save Bandwidth And Resources: iSheriff virtually eliminates spam and associated costs
  • Strength In Numbers: You gain the shared benefits of being part of a larger security community.
  • Zero Administration: No tedious upgrades, no maintenance requirements; you always have the latest and best protection.

Key Features

  • Spam & Phishing: Utilising a layered approach, iSheriff employs the latest range of anti-spam technologies including IP reputation and real-time content analysis to detect and block spam in the cloud, before your email gateway even receives it.
  • Anti-Virus & Blended Threats: Detects and blocks virus attachments and malware, including malicious URL links, ensuring that your organisation is protected against the full range of threats which can infect your network via email.
  • Inbound & Outbound Policy Compliance: Manage email content including text and file attachments. Block profanity, oversize messages and easily apply any compliance policies you require with the benefit of dynamic content analysis and message classification.
  • Data Leakage Prevention: Secure the wealth of intellectual property and sensitive data that traverses your organisation via email. With iSheriff, you can define sensitive file types or keywords and control the distribution of this material outside of your organisation.
  • Security & Compliance Reporting: Access useful and easy to understand reports on spam, threats and your overall email usage. Graphical summaries are provided as well as in-depth reports to help you investigate specific events or user activity. You can run reports by address, file type, and threat category across a wide range of time periods. iSheriff reports allow you to measure the real benefits of Email Security and demonstrate the return on your dollar.
  • Directory Synchronisation: iSheriff provides automated user account directory synchronisation to streamline administration and save you time and effort. iSheriff supports all common directory formats including Active Directory and LDAP.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com